Film & TV Production Services

At Artists International Media, we not only create original material, we are also a “gun-for-hire.” AIM can accommodate clients no matter what their project and needs. Through our production services group, we can take a project from a raw idea to a polished piece of cinematic art. That includes, writing, production management, directing, talent management, postproduction and deliverables.If you want to originate on film, we have the experience and skills to capture the magic. Yes, we still shoot film. Nothing yet compares for truly awe-inspiring images.

Perhaps digital cinema capture is more to your liking and/or budget. Whether it’s Panavision, Red, Sony or the new “latest-greatest,” our DP’s and cinematographers can make it look great!

No matter the need, from an ENG crew to a full feature, AIM can provide the talent and expertise to create, capture and deliver whatever your imagination can conceive.